Today was pretty much awesome. I ran a good race and had a great day spent “down the shore” as we New Jersians say.

But before I get to today, lets talk about last night’s delicious dinner!

Last night became unofficial asian food night. We started out with a bowl of rice stir fried with soy sauce, broccoli, carrots, yellow pepper, garlic, onions, and ginger…

So colorful!

Followed by yesterday’s cooking adventure: Miso soup.

simple and delicious

this was so easy  to make and super healthy! There is no oil or added fat of any kind!

Now onto today!

This morning mom and I got up at 5:30 ate a simple but good breakfast and hit the road down to Ocean City. I drove which was kind of scary but the roads were basically empty so it was really quite easy and I need to start practicing if I want my license in December.

We checked in at the race and then took a stroll on the boardwalk…

what a gorgeous day!

I thought that the run would be on the board walk but it turned out I was wrong it was on the beach!

eek! Running on the beach!?

I was nervous about running on the sand but it was actually fine, nice even, because the sand was really hard and compact. It was nice running on the beach and seeing all the people and watching the waves.

I thought that the 5 miles would take me about 50 mins since I thought that I ran about a 10 min/mile. I run faster on the treadmill but I didn’t think I could keep that up on solid ground where running is harder… but apparently I was wrong.

Almost to the finish!

I ran it in 47:41!! My pace was 9:33! I was so happy and impressed with myself! No only that but I came in second in my age group! I got a ribbon and everything. There were only a few girls in my age group so winning wasn’t that hard but it was still cool…

After the all the awards were handed out ( I love to stay and see who won especially the older people some of whom ran it way faster than I did!) I changed into my bathing suit and we hit the beach for and hour or so!

I haven’t just sat on the beach and relaxed since last summer so this was so nice! I just lay on my towel and let my self get tan burned 😛 I think I actually go more burned on the run than on the beach because my sunscreen was not sweat-proof!

After some much-needed relaxation we headed back over to the beard walk for some crazy-awesome-carbolicious-unhealthy-but-oh so-worth-it food!



broccoli takes the guilt away! 😛

We got these beautiful things at Mack and Manco’s the best pizza on the board walk and possibly the best pizza anywhere!

Followed by and sweet and icy treat: lemon water ice

We “walked the boards” for a while then heading home.

Along the way we got the munchies and got some chips to keep up happy!

At least I made this healthy choice!

And now I am back home. Clean, burned, and happy as a clam! Today was so much fun. My mom and I just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful day and each others company It was a great way to celebrate summer coming to a close 😦 Tomorrow is the last day of summer! I will probably spent d it pampering myself with face masks and painting my nails so I look totally awesome for the first day…

I hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day and 3 day weekend!



That’s the best way that I can describe how I feel today. And to be honest I there is no good reason why I feel this way. My run this morning went awesome and I burned 600 calories in an hour. My lunch (details later) was yummy and filling. But I just feel kinda blah. If anything it’s from reading so much Bio! Its getting a little tedious but it needs to be done and I made a little schedule type thing for myself so I don’t get stuck reading a ton. But it means that I have to read for basically an hour if not a little longer every day. I am trying to break it up but it is still annoying.

I get like 8 hours of much-needed sleep last night and for the first time all week I get out of bed easily and was out for my run at my normal time.  Also, my crazy soreness from the last few days was almost gone! Sleep is a very good thing I can’t forget that!

Las t night’s dinner and breakfast this morning were boring so lets just skip right on down to lunch!

My plan was to make a Protein Pizza like Court and Whit’s from over at Teens Eat ( Turned out that I didn’t have nearly enough eggs to make 3/4 cup of egg whites but I figured I’d try it anyway. Everything went rather smoothly. Normally my omelets stick hopelessly to my apparently not-so- non-stick pan, but today it didn’t. When I got a little carried away on the veggies and decided I’d way to many I made the executive decision  to turn my protein pizza into a pizza omelet.

Maybe not planned but oh-so delicious.

The Pizza Omelet

4 egg whites

dried basil and oregano

half a red onion

a clove of garlic

half a zucchini

half an orange pepper

steamed frozen broccoli

half an italian soy sausage, cut up into bit sized pieces

Prego pasta sauce

part-skim mozzarella

saute the garlic and veggies until the onion is sweet and soft, and the zucchini is soft. cook the sausage.

heat up a “non-stick” pan then spray with PAM or your choice of non-stick spray (or you can use some butter).

Pour in the egg whites and using a spatula swirl the whites around until they start to “curdle” then let them sit for about 10 seconds and DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! 😛

shake the pan to see if the omelet is stuck anywhere. if it is use the spatula to un-stick it.

if you shredded the cheese pour it on, other wise lay on small pieces all around the omelet .pour on the veggies and sausage. pour on the Prego.

try to fold it if you can and slide you pizza omelet onto a plate. serve with toast!

Yummmm! 😛

Desert was half a non-dairy ice cream sandwich.

My mom got these from Whole Foods for herself and they have been calling too me from our freezer ever since.

I remember getting the ice cream version of this at the pool near where my grandparents lived in Florida every summer when we would visit them!

This didn’t taste quite the same but it was still delicious just different!

Well looks like it about time for me to read some more beloved Bio!

Elli 🙂

Well I do! Thus todays lunch was fabulous! There is nothing like a scrumptious veggie pizza to brighten your day!

This was sauteed zucchini, onion, garlic, and broccoli on Prego, with part-skim mozzarella and parmesan cheese! Fancy-schmancy? No. Drool-inducing? YES!

Can we take a moment to admire the gorgeousness of this orange pepper?

B-e-a-utiful! And sweet and juicy and crunchy! All good things for food to be, especially when it is just minutes from being in my belly!

With that I had the remainder of my snap peas and the rest of that lovely pepper with some plain hummus from good ol’ Trader Joes!

So colorful!

My afternoon snack was nothing new. Light n’ Fit with blueberries and cereal and a peach with some cherries.

Now it’s time to get ready for kickboxing. I love running and all but there is nothing in this universe like an amazing kickboxing class! *knock wood* I hope tonight is a good class, yesterday sure was!

Au Revoir!


*I tried to post this yesterday but my computer is mildly retarded and is doing its best to make my life difficult, so sorry about that!*

So I’m home from Milwaukee/camping in Wisconsin! I have never been to Milwaukee but it was a really nice city!

One great thing about the Midwest is that everyone is so much friendlier! Maybe it’s a stereotype but it’s true also! People smile at you when you are walking down the street! In Philly and New York City (the 2 cities I have the mot experience in) people just ignore everyone else on the street like they don’t even exhist, which I hate.

I forgot to take pictures of the 2 dinners we had out (bad blogger, bad blogger), but they were amazing! Tuesday night (our first night) we ate at Coquette Cafe ( a french restaurant in the historic part of Milwaukee. I had french onion soup (my favorite soup in the world!) and a salad with apples, goat cheese, candied pine nuts, and chicken. The whole dinner was amazing!

Wednesday, my mom and I went to Beloit College one of the 3 midwestern colleges I am considering.

Then we went to this amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Cafe Manna ( seriously this place was amazing!! I had a little lentil-fest with lentil soup and a lentil burger 😛

Thursday we hit the pavement for a food tour! It was so much fun and we got to taste some of Milwaukee’s best food!

Like Pizza, which was delicious! Milwaukee style pizza has a super thin crust and they cut it into squares. This was amazing pizza definitely one of the best I have ever had!

Tacos ( the best taco I have ever had! but a really awful picture)

Canolis (so sweet and creamy! definitely NOT health food but it was really small)

Olives (which I actually didn’t eat because I HATE olives)

And shepherds pie!

As I’m sure you can guess this was amazing also!

Then we set off to Kohler State Park for some camping… all of which I forgot to take pictures of because we were doing so many fun things. Sorry 😦

So now I am back for about a week and a half before my mom and I are off to Minneapolis, MN and Boulder, CO before I head out into the wilderness for 12 days of rock-climbing and back-packing! Yeah I’m starting to get kind of nervous for it but I’m just trying not to think about it 😛

I completely forgot to photograph my lunch yesterday ( I had a wrap with veggies and soy sausage and some fruit) but Monday I had this amazing pizza!

I made it on a Flatout flatbread which are my new favorite things to play with because they are only 90 calories per wrap and they have tons of fiber and protein! On the pizza I put sauteed summer squash, orange pepper, onions, garlic, and broccoli. For sauce I used my go-to tomato sauce: original Prego, and I used part-skim mozzarella and some parmesan for cheese. It was so yummy and healthy too!

So that has been the last few days! I promise I will not get behind again (until my next vacation!) But I will try tog et to a computer if I can sometimes hotels have them! Sometimes it would be nice to have a laptop!

Elli 🙂

So yesterday I was really bored, haha no surprise there. So I went into my room, looked around, and it was so messy!! Well actually it wasn’t to bad in reality but I’m something of a neat freak so ti was messy enough to warrant some major organizing. And boy did I organize!!! I went through my drawers and my closet and and pulled out everything that doesn’t fit anymore (yay!) and everything I don’t wear (time to be honest with myself). My mom and I have this rule that if I just put all the clothes into a trash bag she will take it to Goodwill no questions asked or should I say no being mad at me because she knew I would never wear that *insert clothing item here* but I said I would and then actually never did 😛

I filled up a whole garbage bag with clothes for Goodwill! Whoohoo!

Then I moved on to bookshelf. I have sooo many books many of them from as far back as 7th grade! I love my books and because of that I just hold onto them although I know I will never read most of them again. So it was time to be honest with myself… I have to get rid of some of these books. My bookshelf was full of so many old books there was no room for all my new books! You might be thinking “Hey silly! Ever heard of the library?” Well I do go the library but sometimes I don’t want to/can’t wait for a book to be available. Anyway I digress… I went through my personal library and filled a laundry basket with books I can get rid of! It was definitely time 🙂

So here’s what I was thinking… Call me sentimental but I really want these books to go to someone who will read them. So I was thinking I could post a list of the books I have to get rid of and if anyone wants them just reply to the post or email me and I could send them to you. Obviously I only have one of each book so it would be first come first serve but I could do that if there is anyone who would be interested. Otherwise I will probably bring them to a book exchange or used book store.

On to today… as you might have guessed I have done nothing all that exciting today. All I can say is TGIF!! Is it sad that I am still saying that even though it’s summer?

Breakfast was the usual 🙂 Then I went for my run… which sucked! Here’s why…

*I really don’t mean to sound racist here or anything so please don’t take it that way* The development I live in hires landscapers (yes they are latin american, not that I’m sure it matters) to do things on the public property like mow the lawns and weed whack etc… Last year they would always be out when I would go for my run. I don’t know if they really took any notice of me but sometimes I felt like they did and I just always felt really uncomfortable running past them although I know they will leave me alone. there is no really way to avoid them because my development is small and the only main street is a circle so when I run around it I am guaranteed to pass them 3 or 4 times. However, last summer I was running later in the morning (10:00 or so) so I thought/hoped that since I am now running at 8:30-9:00 I would miss them. Last week I ran all week with no sign of them and same with this week… until today. I stepped outside and there is was, the tell-tale sound of their giant lawn mowers and weed whackers mixing with the birds singing. I ran anyway, but it is so much less fun when I feel so uncomfortable… it made my run exhausting instead of exhilarating. I have to find a way around this problem…

On a cheerier note my lunch was superb! I had veggie pizza on toast. I rolled out 2 pieces of bread with a rolling pin to make them nice and thin. then I toasted them so they were crispy. I sauteed some onion, garlic, red pepper, and broccoli with a itsy-bitsy bit of EVOO. Then I put tomato sauce (I heart Prego!) on the flat toast, next the veggies, then some part skim mozzarella cheese and baked it in the toaster oven until the cheese was all gooey and melty 🙂

Along side that yumminess I had a refreshing little salad 🙂

with lettuce, red pepper, the extra sauteed pizza veggies, dried cranberries, blueberries, EVOO, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and a squirt (hehe I love that word :P) of agave nectar. It was all delicious!

So now it’s back to hanging around waiting for my lovely madre to get home so I can go run some more at the gym!


Elli 😛