Yesterday I was fortunate enough to see my favorite planet-saving, guitar-playing, former pro-surfing singer, Jack Johnson, live and in concert! Whoohoo!

I must admit that I own every album he has released and I listen to his music pretty much every morning when I’m getting dressed.

The concert was AMAZING! I had so much fun! Here are some pics!

I was singing at the top of my lungs for pretty much the whole thing I’m not going to lie, and yet it is seemingly impossible for me to lose my voice because it is fine today! Which is a fortunate thing I guess 😛

Lunch today was one of my new favorite things… a Flatout wrap

Which I toasted (and burned :P)

and put on it a mixture of 1% and 4% cottage cheese, 0% greek yogurt, raisins, a few almonds (broken into little pieces), and a small handful of raisins. Then I cut it into smaller pieces. Kind of like a sweet pizza!


Along with all that awesomeness, I had my favorite little fruit combo peaches, cherries, and blueberries! It never gets old 😛

A little later it was snack time!

For my pre-kickboxing snack I had a light Baby Bel cheese (only 50 calories and 6 g or protein!)

And a peach Light n’Fit yogurt with some blueberries and cereal.

That was about an hour ago… now I am off to kickboxing. I am pretty sore form getting back into my workout routine after vacation but it should be fun!

Happy bastille Day everyone! 😛