But sadly it’s not that big of a deal because today was an easy day. Tomorrow is going to be the worst! Chem may kill me.

Because of finals we have all half days at school, which means that I get out at 11:20 instead of 2:12. So I’m eating lunch at home now. I like this because it means I can have more variety. Normally its just your basic Pb & J, but today I had 2 pieces of toast with cottage cheese, cinnamon and sugar, and raisins mixed in. I also had a banana with some peanut butter (about 1 tbs so only 100 cals). It’s nice to mix it up but often when I finish any meal I want more! I’m not hungryI just like eating 😛 At school there’s nothing I can do about it but at home I can take a little snack… this is BAD and I have to stop it! I want this summer to be good. Summer can either be a time when you lose weight because you have more time to work out or a time to gain because you have more time to eat. I want to lose weight! I’m sick of all this gaining I want, no I NEED, to have a few good weeks of losing. It doesn’t even have to big losses, just losses. I know that for me its eating. I work out plenty, and I’ll work out even more over the summer. But that won’t matter if I’m always snacking!! I know that i can lose weight, I have lost almost 30 pounds although I’d like to hit that 30 pound mark. I can’t seem to get there I can get to 29 pounds and then whoop! and I gain weight… grr. But IT WILL HAPPEN!

In other news, yesterday my mom and I went to the book store! I got 2 new books to read: Peony in Love by Lisa See, and Beside a Burning Sea by John Shors (I think that’s his name). I also got this book of writing exercises (it was on sale for $4!). I love to write. I used to write all the time before my parents split up ( I live with my mom, but thats a story for another blog). Now I almost never write. But for english this year we had to write a short story and it reminded me how much I looove writing, if only I could actually write anything!! So I’m going to try to do the exercises in the book, they seem pretty interesting and not at all boring. Maybe if any of them turn out worth reading I’ll post them.

Just out of curiosity… is anyone actually reading this? Maybe that is a silly question, but I guessI have no idea if people are actually reading what I’m writing. That was dumb… I’m sorry 😛

Ok well I guessI should go try to study for Chem although I have no idea where to start!

Au Revoir!