Hello friends!

So I know it has been literally forever and a month since I posted on here. The fact is since I started this blog almost 3 years ago a lot has changed for me and I have changed a lot because of that.

I stopped blogging altogether for a really, really long time. I have in the past year been writing a lot more. I have been writing poetry and stories and it has again become a passion for me. I knew that blogging would help me continue to develop my voice as a writer so recently I started to consider blogging again.

However, because I am so different and my life is so different it felt right to begin anew on a different blog. If you are interested in following me there you are of course welcome to! As of now I can promise no kind of schedule or predictability but if you want updates on me they will be there 🙂

It is called Hypothyroid Diaries. It will be different from 16 an Losing It. It will be less of a food blog and more of a blog about my life as it is now. As the name shows there will be some emphasis on my Hypothyroidism and its effects on my weight etc. But I am more than my Hypothyroidism and so my blog will hopefully reflect that.

16 and Losing It meant a lot to me at the time I was writing it and I am eternally grateful to everyone who read and continues to read my many posts.

With that said, I will say au revoir to this blog but bonjour to the new blog!

Best Wishes ❤