Hello Everyone!

This is going to be a very quick post. I don’t even have any pictures to share with you! I want to keep blogging on here but if I do expect there to be some changes since my life is so hectic! I probably will just blog here with some pictures if I have time. I also have a tumblr that is just random stuff that I like or from my life that is for the most part unrelated to food! you can find that here.


Just to update you all really quickly! My eating has changed a lot lately. I have been trying to limit my dry carbs, which means I haven’t been having sandwiches for lunch at school instead I bring a salad and a few crackers. Also instead of my beloved cereal (which surprisingly I don’t miss) I have quinoa with banana, and applesauce, and pumpkin… it basically tastes kind of pumpkin pie-y. I really love it!

I also have been weighing everything I really keeping a much closer eye on my portions sizes. by weighing everything every time I know that I am getting the intended amount of calories.

So are these new eating habits working? you might ask… YES!!! Since I started about 4 weeks ago I have lost 5 pounds! I lost 2.5 the first week, 2.5 the second, nothing the third, and then the fourth was this week and with Thanksgiving and all I was more than happy to stay the same! So I am now about 151 or 152!!! Its amazing to me that I am that close to the 140’s!!

School has been really tough for me this year. My classes are super hard and I don’t have many close friends so I don’t get to do much socializing. I really hate hating school, but lately at least I really have been. Hopefully life will improve soon though, because I turn 17 next Friday!!! That’s right people, pretty soon I’ll have to change the name of this blog to 17 and Losing It (or should I? What do you think?) Even more importantly I’ll be able to drive!! That means I (hopefully) will be able to drive to school, the gym, kickboxing, and wherever else I want. For example my back has been bothering me and I really wanted to see a chiropractor but couldn’t if my mom had to take me but once I have my driver’s license I will be able to go alone! Also I am going to try to find somewhere to volunteer a day or 2 a week to hopefully bring some happiness to my boring days.. 😦 I am so excited!! For my b-day my madre and I are going into Philly and eating at the Caribou Cafe which is a French bistro with apparently amazing French Onion Soup (which I just happen to be obsessed with!! So yeah… kinda excited for that.

Anyways… I would love to blog and blog but I have Bio to read (just like old times eh?). Hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! And an early Happy Hanukkah to any Jews reading this!!

Elli 🙂