Yay! I’m back in business! Yesterday my mom and I went camera shopping so I can finally get back to blogging!

After coming home from out somewhat epic camera search my mom and I made biscotti to send to the family I stayed with after backpacking. I wanted to stay so I could do the community service project our group planned. (We talked to a bunch of local 7-10 year old from a local YMCA camp about our trip.They were so freakin’ cute)

I can’t lie, I definitely sampled our creations. They were so delicious, and not at all low calorie! But they are gone now, off to Colorado, so there is no worries about munchies, besides they aren’t mine to munch on!

I had no clue what I wanted for dinner so I decided on an “omlette” which was really more of scrambled eggs with whatever veggies were in the fridge and cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast with almond butter. I also had some fruit and yogurt.

Breakfast this morning was Kashi Go Lean, my new favorite cereal.

It’s simple with just a little sweetness, but not at all cardboardy like one might expect. And how can I not love the nutrition facts!

I had it with blueberries, some banana, and a little bit of honey to make it sweeter.

And a very green Green Monster! 🙂

All that amazing food gave me some awesome energy for my run. Which was a good thing because it was hot out this morning! But my run went smoothly.

My post-run snack was a banana and peanut butter, a match made in heaven!

This morning seemed to fly by because all of a sudden it was time for lunch!

A flatout wrap with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, raisins, yellow pepper, and pea sprouts with some cabbage salad on the side.

Now its time to work on things for school. It may still be summer but I still have work! I have tons of reading for AP Bio. I am almost finished the first of 5 chapters I have to read. Each chapter is about 20 pages long so I have to get reading! nAs nerdy as this may sound though I am actually enjoying the bio reading. I really like bio! I can’t explain why but I really loved it when I took it my freshman year so hopefully I feel the same way this year because APBio is far from easy!

It’s been a little weird readjusting to life at home. I learned all these things about who I want to be and what I want to do and it can be hard to explain to the people who you want to explain to. It can be a little lonely feeling when the people closest to you just can’t understand what you are feeling because they didn’t share the experience you did. I know they want to but they just can’t.

It has been so nice getting back into working out again though. I missed kickboxing and running so much!

Last night around 11 or 12 ( I know so late! My internal clock is all whacked out right now!) I caught a major cleaning bug and cleaned out my whole closet! I went through all my shoes and dresses and shelves and got rid of things I will never wear and organized like my life depended on it! I got a good look at the number of shoes I own and was somewhat surprised. It never feels like I have a ton of shoes but I do!

Going through my old dresses was really fun. I tried some stuff on to see if I could still wear it and so many things were too big! I kind of re-realized how much weight I have actually lost! I tried on the jean skirt that I didn’t even know I had and then looked at the tag and it was a size 8! I am starring to wear clothes in 8 and 10 instead of 10 and 12! Whoohoo go single sizes!

I now have 2 giant trash bags filled with clothes and shoes for Goodwill. Cleaning feels good!

*sigh* So now I am off to read Bio and stuff for AP English. hope everyone is having a super fun Monday!