I have missed you all and blogging so much but I’m not going to lie the idea of trying to catch up on all my missed blogging is a bit daunting!

As soon as I can I am going to post my pictures from Minneapolis, Boulder, and backpacking but I haven’t loaded them onto my computer yet.

My trip was amazing! not only the week I spent in Minneapolis and Boulder (bother super cool cities) but especially my 12 days of backpacking where I really learned a lot about myself, what I want from my life and had a TON of fun!

The only piece of sad news I have right now is that my camera got a little wet the last day of my trip and I’m not completely sure that it works, at least the screen is broken so I can’t tell if its taking pictures. But I am going to find out if it can be fixed and if not a new camera will be quickly bought! I might be able to use my old camera for awhile but this may be a picture-less blog for a day or 2 until this little debacle gets sorted out!

During backpacking we had to eat a lot more food than I am used too, as you can imagine we are expending a lot of energy so the calories are needed. But we couldn’t exactly carry tons of fresh fruits and veggies so I ate a lot of dried fruits and nuts! The food was delish but far form low calorie so the next few days are all about getting readjusted to the way I normally eat and getting back to working out.

As nice as it is to be back in my routine and eating the way I like again. Its kind of sad being home. It almost feels as though the trip never happened. What I mean by that is the little world I was in out int he Colorado backcountry seems very far away form this world and its hard to imaging that they can exist together. It’s hard to explain but I am still trying to figure out this updated version of myself who I became throughout backpacking and how to balance being home with what I learned out there.

It sure feels good to be eating fruits and veggies again though! Hopefully I will have another blog later today possibly with pictures of some kind of we are lucky!!

Elli šŸ™‚