I may not have much to say today but I will not become one of those people who hardly ever blogs and then every 2 weeks comes back and says “Sorry I was gone for so long but I’m back now!”

So… I gained a pound. Yeah it sucks and I was kinda upset although not as much as I sometimes am. I kinda felt on the edge about how my week was going all week, honestly. True I did burn 4,700 calories last week I also felt like all I did was eat! I thinkI’m just going to have to get used to that feeling though when I[m home all day, because it kind of is all I do 😛 My days seem to go something like this:

Wake up, eat breakfast, run, shower, eat a post-run snack ( I’m always hungry after I run), sit around normally in front of my computer doing random things, eat lunch, do some more siting around, eat a snack ( I’m hungry and I need to the fuel for kickboxing/running at the gym for an hour), shower, eat dinner, watch some TV, eat dessert, go to sleep, Repeat 😛

So Its not that I eat a lot its just that I don’t really do much else… But I am going to try to make my snacks a little smaller, or if I want more then have some fruit or veggies! I’m also going to have less of my Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine because while they aren’t super high in sodium they are probably more than I normally have. So there is the possibility that some of my 1 pound was from retaining water, if only life as that easy…

I ran my 3rd 5k yesterday, hence why I didn’t blog about my weigh-in. I have run 2 5ks before this one and I ran them both in 31:12 ( yes the exact same time). SO I really wanted under that, and maybe if I was a good girl under 30 mins. I have been running a lot now so it seemed possible. So, I felt pretty ready when Sunday morning rolled around, despite the 85 degree heat and humidity, that’s New jersey for ya people! I had my brand spankin’ new 5k playlist with about 30 mins worth of my very best running music* ( I’ll put my playlist at the end of the blog if you’re curious!). The whole run I just looked at whoever was the next person ahead of me and I passed them, then did the same with the next person. And I finished in 29:53!!!! Yippee!! It was an awesome moment, I felt so good about what I had just accomplished I didn’t even care that I gained 1 pound!! ITs just one pound I’ve still lost almost 30 and 30p pounds ago I could not have run a 5k in under 30 mins! I couldn’t even run a mile 😛

So i know I never mentioned before that I am from good ol’ New Jersey, so let me just say one quick thing about my home state. Before you go jumping to conclusions that all of New Jersey looks like this:

and that all New Jersians look like this:

Let me just say that while there may be a few of these fine fellows in my state you are more likely to see this:

and there are more horse farms than you can even imagine. In fact I have been going to a barn and riding/socializing/working my butt off for about 10 years. So don’t go thinking you know New Jersey just because you watch MTV. Ahh… I feel better now 🙂

Okay well as much as I have enjoyed this little post I have to go get ready to go kickboxing, I’ve got to burn 523 calories tonight which I can do but I’ll have to work!

More food/fun/and bordom to come!


* My  (about)30 min 5k playlist-

Believe – The Bravery
Speed of Sound – Coldplay
The Sound Of Settling- Death Cab For Cutie
Headlights On Dark Roads – Snow Patrol
Square One – Coldplay
Sick Muse – Metric
It’s Beginning To Get To Me – Snow Patrol
Vertigo – U2