So during the summer I have this thing that I eat pretty much everyday, and I live for it in a way I live for no other food on the planet. Its healthy, satisfying, delicious, and low calorie… what more could a girl ask for in a dish! This dish is fruit and yogurt… it may seem simple but it is the food of the gods. I have 2 kinds I love. For both I use either 0% and 2% greek yogurt or 0% greek yogurt and 4% cottage cheese. But I never even need a whole serving so there is very few calories but plenty of protein and other good-for-you things! The first is for all summer long and it is strawberries, blueberries, and about 1/2 a banana. The other is what I have been eating daily for the past few days because I can only have it in early summer when the cherries are in season. Its cherries, blueberries, and a peach! OMG I can’t even tell you have delicious this is! Here are some pictures to make you drool!

I start off by cleaning the fruit to make sure there is no dirt or pesticides because I don’t want to eat them!

Kinda blurry sorry… Then today I put some 4% cottage cheese and some 0% greek yogurt in a big bowl… I don’t use a lot just enough to make the fruit all creamy. This keeps it low cal too…

Yum! So then I cut the peach into wedges…

And then I cut it into smaller bite sized bits and add it to the yogurt and cheese.

Next I pitted the cherries with my handy dandy cherry pitter… this thing is truly amazing cherries are near impossible to pit without it!

I cut them into quarters and added them and the freshly picked blueberries to the bowl! Then I finished it off with a drizzle of honey!

And tada! My favorite dish of all time… seriously its amazing i can’t even describe in words how much I love it… you just have to taste it! Its sweet and tart and creamy and just plain fan-freaking-tastic!!!

Whats even better is that there is absolutly no guilt involved!!