I lost 2.8 pounds this week! Those 2 pounds from last week are history!!! Oh I can’t even tell you how good it feels 🙂 I had an amazing week with both eating and exercise so I really felt like I would have a goo weigh-in but I figured like maybe a pound not almost 3 pounds. Not that I’m complaining… So now I’m back to 158.0. I hope that now that it’s summer I can keep having good weeks and soon I’ll get to 156 which would be 30 pounds lost! I just need to keep up what I’m doing and hope my body cooperates!

Today my mom and I are hopefully going blueberry picking which is great for me because I get to be active all afternoon and I absolutely looove blueberries. I’m still going to go to the gym for a bit though and get in a run.

I’ve decided to have an exercise challenge for myself this summer. 4 days a week I will burn 1000 calories or more which will be my 30 min morning run + kickboxing or another longer run at the gym + some other exercise during the day like yoga or strength. Then I will still take one day off a week and on the weekends I will burn 500 calories or more. So I need to get some running or something in today so I can have my 500 or more for the day.

On a slightly off topic note… I thought I would share another recipe with you guys. This one hopefully is not as intimidating as the last one might have been for anyone who doesn’t normally cook. Its a salad which is great for those summer nights when its hot out and the last thing you want is a hot dinner. For protein you can add beans, any kind should work but I think chickpeas or black beans would be the best or grilled chicken would also be really yummy for all you meat eaters. I like adding fruit to my salads also, I think they  add some different and yummy flavors to a salad but if thats too weird for you they can be removed. Don’t forget that this is a salad so you can change up the veggies/fruits to fit what you like. This salad can get pretty big too but I don’t use much dressing so it is quite low calories especially for how much food you get. I don’t really know how much of certain things I use but just use as much as you think you will need. I make this salad to feed 2 people so keep that in mind.

So here it is… My Gigantic Rainbow Summer Salad!!!

Mixed Greens ( you can use the stuff from a bag or you can buy lettuce and chop and wash it yourself which is what I do but it is more time consuming.) You will need less than you think of these because there are so many other things going into he salad.

1 red/yellow/green/orange pepper ( they all taste amazing although green peppers are less sweest and will add less color) cut off the top to remove the seeds and then cut into 1 inch squares

5 to 10 quartered cherry tomatoes depending on their size

Broccoli-steamed but not to the oint of being super soft (you can use fresh or frozen)

Sweet corn ( again fresh or frozen is fine)

1 orange ( I’ll describe what I think is the best way to cut it under the recipe)

a handfull of fresh blueberries (make sure you wash them well)

a handfull of cherries (if they are in season) pitted and cut in half

4 teaspoons of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

1 tablespoon of red wine vingar

a tiny sprinkle of salt and some black pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and serve. You can put cheese in if you want but beware of using to much b/c cheese is not low calorie.

How I cut up my orange:

1.) cut off the top and bottom of the orange so that you can see the fruit inside

2.) set it on you cutting board so that it is sitting upright and cut the white part off by cutting down the orange so all you have left is the actual fruit and not white outside

3.) hold it in your hand and cut into the orange so that you are cutting out the individual wedges that form naturally but make sure that the skin stuff separating the wedges is left behind.

4.) you should have wedges cut out that have no skin stuff on them, for this salad you can either leave them this size or cut the into smaller 1 inch pieces.

Hope that makes sense! Enjoy!

Elli 🙂