Hmmm… so I’m kind of in a funny mood because I just watched this incredibly depressing movie so I apologize now if I’m a little off.

Today was the last day of school. Its always a weird day, the last day. You’re happy, because its summer now and you don’t have to do homework every night, and wake up at the crack of dawn. But is sad too. There are those friends you have because they are in your class but you aren’t friends really outside of school, and its sad because if you don’t have a class with them next year you might never see them, and you might not be friends next year. Its just an odd day with a lot of mixed feelings. But I’m soo happy to be done with school!

Last night’s dinner was pretty disappointing actually 😦 The place we were originally going to go to was having some kind of fundraiser there so we couldn’t eat there (of course that just has to happen the night we want to eat there ugh). So we went to this other restaurant my mom and I had been to and enjoyed that was nearby. I was kind of annoyed because I was starving and I had planned out whatI would eat so that I could stay healthy and now I had no idea what I would eat! So we get there and sit down, and I’m trying to find the healthiest thing I can on the menu. My initial choice was a pork chop with mashed sweet potatoes and something  else that I can’t remember. But instead I went with tilapia (which is a really light fish that naturally doesn’t have much flavor but I don’t mind it and it’s healthy) with roasted potatoes, and spinach. I thought that it would be light and probably pretty tasty because the fish just takes on the flavor of whatever is on it and I love potatoes and I don’t mind spinach. The problem was there was no sauce or anything! It was just plain fish and it was so plain and unsatisfying I could have cried, and I almost did to be honest because by that time I was tired and hungry and PMSing really bad :/ I had to basically pour salt onto it to give it any flavor! I was so angry…

Ok got that out 😛

I am kind of nervous for the next few weeks… I will just be home by myself all day. In about 2 weeks (I think) my mom and I are going on our annual camping trip to northern Wisconsin with family friends who live in Chicago. But until then we have nothing planned so I am just home all day. Which I hate. I hate being home all day ding nothing, it’s depressing and boring and I just hate it. Also its really hard as far as eating is concerned because a lot of times when I’m bored I end up eating and I can”t eat to much nor do I want to. My plan is to run for about a half an hour in the morning before it gets hot and before all the kids I know in my development (non of whom I like) are out doing whatever it is they do. Hopefully the exercise in the morning will help me wake up and feel good so that I will be less inclined to munch. I did this last summer and it did seem to help some. In addition to the running in the morning I’m still going to go to kickboxing Monday-Wednesday nights, and I’ll run probably Friday-Sunday again at the gym for longer and with intervals like I do now. My hardest time as far as eating is between lunch and my afternoon snack. So hopefully i can make it through these next few weeks. I’ll still post but it will mostly just be my thoughts or whatever because I doubt much will be going on but one never knows what kind of unexpected things can happen!

Elli ❤