Today I had my last 2 finals! Yes! I’m am almost through sophomore year, possibly the hardest school year I’ve ever had! And I finished with straight A’s (I think my english teacher hasn’t out up my final average yet but I probably got an A). Oh, I can’t even tell you how good it feels to know that it is practically summer. The last day is tomorrow but its really a pointless day for people to sign yearbooks and take pictures and stuff.

To celebrate one of my best friends, her mom, my mom, and I are going out to dinner. She is a senior so it even a bigger deal for her because this is the end of high school for her… lucky. I have already checked out the menu online ( I love that you can do that now), and I’m going to keep it as healthy as possible because I want/need a decent weigh-in this week!

So summer is almost here, and I can’t wait! Thats the general feeling I have right now!

Happy Summer everyone! (if you are in the northern hemisphere that is 😛 )

Elli 🙂