So I admit it… I’m pretty smart. I’m in mostly honors classes, except math which I will never take honors! I like to learn and I can figure out things pretty quickly. I’m in no way a genius or anything, but I’m smart. So why is this a problem? Well about 3 perfect examples of this have occurred in just the last hour…

Let me first say that everyone is obviously studying for finals right now… the last 3 times i’ve gone on Facebook someone has messaged me with questions on finals. I don’t mind answering their questions (if I can). But its like all they care about is my help they don’t want to chat ( I do get that they might not want to b/c they’re studying). But a few of them aren’t even people I might necessarily talk to in school, so I know they are only messaging me so I’ll help them… it’s getting kind of old. One person even asked me if this book we had done in english would be on the final, luckily i knew b/c I asked our teacher just today. But if I hadn’t the only person who could have answered this was THE TEAHER! That s when it gets really annoying. I’ve had people ask me how a teacher will grade something… now why would I know that people??? I may be smart but I can’t read minds!!!! Sorry but after stuff like this happening all year its getting really old.

Ughh… this is what 2 hours of studying chem does to you, you become crabby and mad at anyone who asks for help. I need a break and a snack pronto! Ok… rant over.

Elli 😛